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Parrot Head Credentials

Parrot Head Credentials entitle you to attend all private Parrot Head events & activities

planned for the group.

The credentials may only be purchased if your reservation is listed with the group indicated as COPA.

The Parrot Head Credentials are $100 per person.

Credentials are a required purchase and is included in the registration checkout process.

Purchase of Parrot Head Credentials is non-refundable.

The cost of the credentials is how we are able to pay for our guest musicians performance fees, airfare,

accommodations, guest gifts and miscellaneous administrative fees such as postage, printing, etc.

If any funds remain, the proceeds will go to Habitat For Humanity.

For questions regarding the Parrot Head Credentials contact:

Dana Flowers -

Phone: (405) 664-1131

RIU Palace Pacifico Puerto Vallarta/ Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico April 21- 28, 2018

Thom Shepherd

& Coley McCabe



Guest Musicians